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Georgia doctor’s license suspended in sexual misconduct case


A Georgia doctor with a history of sexually violating patients has had his license suspended after he was found to be a threat to the public. The Georgia Composite Medical Board on Monday suspended the medical license of Dr. Narendra M. Patel after a board-ordered assessment at Vanderbilt University determined […]

Wells Fargo wrongly charged 570,000 customers for auto insurance


Wells Fargo admitted Thursday that it had improperly charged 570,000 borrowers for auto insurance they did not need or were not told about. The company said it would pay wronged customers $ 64 million in cash, and make $ 16 million worth of adjustments to accounts. The company said it […]

Hi everyone

Off-Topic Hi everyone Hi everyone, I’m a newbie there and I’m interested in this forum a lot. How can I get much knowledge as you guys? . Hope to get more knowlege from you all! Thanks more … Statistics : 1 Post || 17 Views Post by Williamhdc Atlanta Liposuction

Atlanta wealth adviser defrauded investors, federal agency says

How do you get wealthy? Atlanta resident Arthur Toole III said he knew the way. His burning desire, his website says, is to “destroy the barriers between you and your wealth.” What he destroyed, a federal agency says, were investments by people who followed his advice. They are out more […]

6 Surprising DMAA Powder Health Benefits

DMAA Powder is a central nervous system stimulant that often goes by the name Methylhexanamine HCL, or Geranium Extract, and seems to come with a wide variety of health benefits from nasal decongestion to a possible alternative treatment for ADHD. DMAA Powder is currently available in many workout supplements and […]

Gun was main concern when Atlanta hospital suspended surgeon, court says


An Atlanta plastic surgeon reportedly said she was the reincarnation of ax murderer Lizzie Borden. She may have said the military wanted to hire her for her psychic powers, and that the government may be after her because she removed a microchip implanted in a patient in the federal witness […]

Breast Reduction at a size DDD and 5’10" 200lbs

Breast Reduction Breast Reduction at a size DDD and 5’10" 200lbs I am 50yr old, 200lbs, 5’10" and a size DDD and would like to be a full C or small D. When I was 40yrs old and 165lbs I had a breast lift and was a small DD or […]

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Revision with Rib and restored

Nose Surgery, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty Revision with Rib and restored Can anyone share their revision story with using rib cartilage (my only option). I need a built up bridge (would love my hump and convex bridge back like before); I need my length restored – dip derotated; my nose made […]

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