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(Tummy Tuck Surgery) – How Fat Is Effectively Removed During Tummy Tuck

A Tummy Tuck Can Help You See the Finish Line   What is a tummy tuck surgery?  This refers to the process of reducing the additional layers of fat in the stomach area or reducing the stretched skin to achieve a better body contour. This procedure is a form of […]

Georgia attorney general: Northside Hospital arguments in open records case are flawed


Georgia law requires open government even when a private party is carrying out the public’s work, Attorney General Christopher Carr argued in a brief filed Monday in the Northside Hospital open records case before the Georgia Supreme Court. “The Attorney General respectfully urges the Court to hold that the Georgia Open […]

Unhappy Menick patient – where next?

Nose Surgery, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty Unhappy Menick patient – where next? It’s been around 4 years since Dr Menick revised my nose. It was upturned/short from a primary but had definition on the tip. When Dr Menick took my cast off I cried, and it’s got no better since. It […]

Since Trump takeover, less public shaming for companies that put workers at risk


Since President Trump took office, not a single worker killed on the job has been added to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s online death tally. The last entry on OSHA’s worker fatality page was for two men shot to death in an Indianapolis restaurant robbery in early January. So […]

10 McDonalds v Burger King Foods Compared


With the ever faster pace of the lives we are living, preparing quality home cooked meals has become nearly impossible, which is why the fast food chains have been growing at an exponential rate and pretty much everyone in the western world is now feeding from such chains for a […]

Vitaminosis: How to Get the Right Amount of Vitamins


Most people suffer from at least one type of medical condition, whether chronic or acute, and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in medical bills when the root cause very well may be some type of vitaminosis that could have been easily avoided.  There are many types […]

Tucker company sold defective steel to nuclear waste facility near Augusta

UPDATED: To ensure that a nuclear facility would be safe, the U.S. government paid a premium to Energy & Process Corp. of Tucker to supply top-quality rebar. The company certified that it had made all quality checks. But a third of the steel rebar the company supplied for the nuclear […]

Pills and a lie lead to prison, deportation for a Decatur man


The “male enhancement” pills had names like Maxman, Rock Hard Weekend and Stiff Nights and were sold as natural dietary supplements. The hidden ingredient: the same one in prescription drug Viagra. Now, a Decatur man has been sentenced to prison and has lost his U.S. citizenship in connection with the […]

#WednesdayWisdom: Lipo 101 Tumescent Anesthesia

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You can now binge listen to all of ‘Breakdown: Predator, M.D.’


In the spring of 2009, Fulton County authorities caught a serial sexual predator, a doctor who preyed on his female patients. Two and a half years later, a Superior Court judge peered down at him, ready to hand him his sentence. For decades, Dr. Narendra “Vinni” Gupta had largely evaded […]